De Li Po y Poe a Bukowski: quiénes fueron l...

“El triunfo de Baco” o “Los Borrachos”, una de las obras mitológicas mas conocidas del pintor sevillano Diego Velázquez Una talla de hace 25 mil años que representa a una mujer en el acto de llevarse un cuerno a la boca para beber, el edificio más antiguo conocido que constituyó diez mil años antes de

Things I Drank This Week That I Liked

Hi Guys! I went on vacation last weekend so I figured this was the perfect week to talk about two of my favorite things: beverages and archiving useless information about my life for future me. I think there’s a small subset of society that has been emboldened by La Croix to understand that they are

Metallica unveil Blackened American Whiskey

First watches, now whiskey! Move over Kiss, Metallica are becoming big players in the branding game. Their latest endeavor is their own brand of whiskey — and it’s not in a jar, it’s in a bottle. Metallica have unveiled Blackened American Whiskey, which sees the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame metal band partnering with