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Do you follow bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers whose
subscribers are in the thousands? Hundred-thousands? You probably
wonder what it takes to get such a large following on social media
platforms. Maybe you want to try your luck in becoming a social
media star. Hint: it takes more than luck to get there.

They Spend Tons of Time On Their Work

It might take more hours than you’d guess at first glance. A
twenty-minute YouTube video can take an entire day to shoot, and
then another day to edit and upload. Some high-powered YouTubers
might have help in this department, but when starting out,
they’re on their own.

Most successful YouTubers put out a video a week, or more. Those
hours spent behind a camera and in front of a screen can add up
fast. If you’re juggling a job, school, a family, or all three,
then setting time aside for your channel can be

Even Instagrammers need up to
ninety minutes
to curate material for one post. If you want to
be more than a hobbyist influencer, you’ll need the time to do
it. Quality content takes a lot of devotion, and it shows when true
effort is put in.

They’re Engaging

The work doesn’t stop once you click the upload button.
Followers like to feel a connection with influencers. As an
influencer, you want to be relatable to your subscribers. The job
comes with interacting
with people
who comment on your posts – trolls

If you’re only writing a small blog for cooking, you still
want to be able to answer questions from your audience. Maybe they
need advice on cooking methods. Maybe they want your opinion on
altering the recipe. If you answer comments, they’re more likely
to revisit your blog in the future.

A lot of popular influencers like to create activities for their
followers. They can be in the form of a poll, a giveaway, or
suggestions for the next upload. When the audience can participate,
it creates a more interesting experience.

They Work Across More Than One Platform

Marketing isn’t just for businesses. Influencers have to get
creative with marketing themselves. One way to strengthen your
online presence is to have multiple platforms for your online

Want to be a power-blogger? Consider connecting your blog to a
. You’ll reach a broader audience, and readers who might
not have happened upon your website otherwise. Aspiring YouTube
stars should think about posting content to other places like
Snapchat and Instagram. Some followers will be more likely to
subscribe if they can find you on their preferred site.

They Don’t Give Up

If you see your favorite makeup artist or fitness influencer hit
their millionth subscriber, try not to be discouraged. They all
started somewhere, and with a small group of followers that
eventually grew. 

That growth doesn’t happen overnight. And like any job, you
don’t start at the top of the heap. Lucrative influencers work
their way up the ladder, and the work can be hard – but it’s
not impossible.

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